Inspiration and Epiphany

Inspiration and Epiphany

I have written and erased this blog about 5 times already. I feel compelled to blog, because I’ve been told by many that it’s an important part of marketing myself…but I honestly find it one of the most difficult parts about what I do…putting my thoughts into words and sharing them with the universe…soooo, yeah….I’ve been making an attempt also to grow my social media presence, and have started to document what I am working on at the bench to give followers a behind the scenes look at the making of my work, and well, me.

I was encouraged to focus on Instagram (are you following me?? DebraAdelsonJewelry), and started to post.  I began to post works in progress, finished pieces and images that inspire me…and hold the phone…who knew that people were actually surprised that I had some thought behind my work, lol. It was eye-opening to me, and opened up many, many conversations with my inner circle (aka Janine DeCresenzo—follow her too decresenzojwlry ).  So, I continued to post “inspirational” images, and even posted images where the finished piece in posted next to the image that inspired it.  The feedback was enormous, and I was even stopped by several people in real life that said something to the effect that they “knew I was a jeweler, but had no idea I was an artist”, lol *head smack*.  So, I marinated on this whole concept for a few weeks, and have come to the conclusion that perhaps, if your work is abstract, people just assume it’s random, and that you don’t have the skillset to do something realistic. Huh. My mind was blown!!

Anyway, a whole new avenue has opened for me in terms of communication…I now realize, after over 18 years at this,  that people want and need to know that there truly is a story behind each piece. I’ve always thought about what I make in terms of art, and not as a product…though maybe I wasn’t presenting it that way? Point taken, universe. Point taken.

With this revelation, my work has been evolving at break-neck speed…I’ve made the conscious decision to not limit my experimentation with the glass like I had with the acrylic—so as an idea comes to mind, I’m allowing myself to explore it…most recently, I’ve stepped away from my much coveted engraving machine, and have started carving the glass with diamond wheels.

My main sources of inspiration at the moment are water (always a theme in my work, though, who knew?), sunrises/sunsets, clouds, as well as  rocks and ridges. I am really digging my softer color palette, and have started to bring more texture into my work than ever before.