Jewelry Photography

Not only do I love to make jewelry, but my passion extends to photographing it as well! I have been a professional jeweler, making and selling my work for over 17 years.  I understand the importance of top notch images, and I also understand the pressures and time sensitive nature of our business. I offer competitive rates for beautiful images. Here is just a sample of some of my work. For more images, please check out my facebook page for more of my personal images! I can also create postcard/business card designs, banners, etc.! Contact me for rates!

Some Past clients:

Janine DeCresenzo Jewelry (blackened and textured sterling and reflective gold with  highly textured coral and subtly toned gemstones)

Pavel Novak Glass (Highly reflective glass and highly polished sterling)

Megan Clark (blackened sterling and gold jewelry with inlaid stingray leather)

Molly Aleza Vogel (carved Jet and sterling jewelry with gemstones)

Nichole Collins (a mix of polished sterling, blackened sterling and high karat gold)

Mlissa Finelli (hand fabricated sterling silver)

Nicolette Absil (sterling and  enamel)

Martha Sullivan (textural, mixed metals)

Ayala Naphtali (sterling silver and natural elements)

Judy Goskey (cloisonné enamels)

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Sample Photography Portfolio