Often I have a concept for a piece that kind of comes out of left field, and may not necessarily fit in with the rest of my line. Sometimes the idea is complicated and time consuming, but I like the idea, so I indulge myself and make it even though it might be a tough sell once made. I call these designs my “glass slipper” pieces because it takes just the right person to fall in love and buy it. Anyway, this past fall, I made a piece that falls into that category… and I really like the final result, but I was immediately aware that due to the scale and difficulty, the piece would need to be expensive.

I was relatively happy with the fished piece, and displayed it in my case at shows. I got great reactions from my customers, so I thought that I was on to something… but I knew to put that I need to pare the design down in order to make the concept more widely salable.

Redesigning is not always an easy task, because it’s essentially stripping elements away… and it’s way more fun and easy to add elements than take them away. Finally, yesterday, I think I came up with a new version of the concept that still has the same vibe, but can be produces more quickly and easily, and is a much more wearable scale.. Now back to the studio to make them in an assortment of colors!