Post Show Report

Well folks, after months of designing, planning, making, stressing…and burning the candle at both ends, the show came and went, and I am officially on the other side of the hump.

My challenge was to  design a new body of work in a new medium and re-brand myself, while maintaining my artistic voice…not an easy undertaking at this stage in my career! As you may know from previous posts, I switched from working with acrylic for almost 20 years to cold-working and engraving glass (see previous posts)—anyway, setup day arrived, and after all the months of work and anticipation, the day got off to a pretty rocky start…my car was packed to the gills (I not so affectionately called it the “clown car of death” and left the house in torrential rain…only to drop my iphone between the car seat, deep into the abyss of stuff.  I arrived in Baltimore after several white-knuckle hours on the flooded roads, only to find that I jammed my car so full, I had broken one of the bottles of red wine that I had packed to help me relax in the hotel. Yeah…it wasn’t pretty…and the smell….

Anyway….it took me hours to set up my new display…and I’m not exactly sure why it took as long as it did…but it was finally up, and the work was laid out, and I took a look around and said a prayer to the Show Gods…

The show begins with 2 days of wholesale (which means that stores and galleries have the opportunity to place orders without the throngs of retail customers)…the wholesale days  generally move at a slower pace because there are not that many buyers as there used to be in past years (a whole ‘nuther topic to write about). But, I did write several orders, one of which was rather large, and I know will lead a great new relationship.

Friday began the retail portion of the show…my nerves were frazzled…how would customers react to not only the new work’s aesthetics, but to work that is significantly more expensive????? I was a nervous wreck!!!  The show opened at 10 am, and by 11, I had sold one of my favorite, more  substantial pieces…and I was busy the entire show!! I’ve been doing this show for many years  (I’ve lost count, but I think somewhere between 12 and 14 times) and this was my best year there by far. My relief is overwhelming.

Now, I can relax for a few days, and get back to making work that I truly love and enjoy! I have so much room to grow as I learn more about my new materials and gain more skills on that side of the work. This business is full of ups and downs…acceptances and rejections, I’m gonna ride this high just a little bit more… then back to work!

And did I mention that out of the over 600 artists, my new work was chosen for the cover of the show guide?

ACC Baltimore 2016