Random Thoughts from a Stressed Out Artist

I’m coming down to show time after a few months of being home…I’ve made the decision, in case you are unaware, to reinvent my work, and move on from the materials that I have been using for nearly the past 20 years…I have officially retired my acrylic work, and am fully committed to working with glass as the main component of my jewelry line.

With that said, I have given myself the challenge to not only re-brand myself, and my work, but amass enough stock in a very short period of time before the show season to keep my business up an running. This is no small feat, and I’ve been somewhat crazed trying to do what I set out to do.

I have been doing art shows and selling my work for almost 20 years, and it must have escaped my mind how hard it was in the beginning, or I would never have taken on this gauntlet. First, I had to come up with a concept of the work that would be not only sale-able, but a concept that had the potential to grow. One that I had the skills for, or could learn the skills for, and most importantly, one that was my unique voice. Well folks, that sounds easier to come up with than it actually is…when you see an artist’s work, and think to yourself, “I can do that”, it’s not just about the execution of the piece, but the hours at the drawing board coming up with the concept, and then hundreds of more hours on top of that working out the kinks, streamlining the idea and design, and then making the work a reality. Then, branding it, expanding on it, coming up with a way to display it, and creating all the supporting sales materials…artists like me are generally a one man band…chief cook and bottle washer so to speak…

So here I find myself less than 3 weeks before my first show with the new work, and I’m nervous. Nervous and excited, but nervous. It’s a crazy position to have put myself in, but I guess you don’t choose this path if you want to play it safe in life?

Come and see me in booth 1502 at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore—the show is open to the public Feb19-21 (Feb 17-18 for wholesale).


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