The Countdown

I first started to entertain the notion of switching my medium from acrylic to glass over 2 years ago, but due to life circumstances, and the pesky fact of  needing to learn how to work with glass…well, lets just say the change took more time than an impatient girl like me would have liked.

Now, it’s just 4 short weeks until my first show with my new body of work, and I’ve been in a cloud of nerves and excitement. There is so much more I want to have done before I present this line to the world, and there are just not enough hours in each day to get them done. The major figuring-things-out stage is at least done, and I have worked out my new aesthetic vocabulary…now to execute as many pieces as I possibly can.

Please come and see my new work…I’ll be at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore…Booth 1502. I know this is just the beginning of the next phase in my jewelry career, but I’m pretty proud of myself for taking the leap to create something completely new.

Wholesale Days are Feb. 17 & 18

Retail (Open to the Public)  Feb. 19-21