The Universe Has Spoken

It’s been a tumultuous few months in my head—it’s hard to walk away from a body of work that has been successful for many years, and has gotten me into the country’s top shows…but my heart just wasn’t into the acrylic line anymore (as explained in a previous post). So, I’ve been developing the glass body of work, and, in the spirit of throwing everything out there to see what sticks, I’ve applied to a whole slew of shows with both bodies of work…and then waited. And waited.

The crazy part about this business, is it’s all one huge gamble. Every application is a gamble, and there is no sure thing (unless you won an award the previous year and received an invitation…but even that isn’t always a sure thing because but not every award comes with an automatic invitation!!)…I applied with 2 bodies of work and waited for what could possible be 2 rejections, from each show, lol. You see, thousands of people apply to the top shows for maybe around 200 available spots. Well friends, the universe has spoken, and it’s message was clear…So far I was more successful with the new body of work!!!!! Now, I can just put the acrylic body to rest, and start with a clean slate.

Tomorrow I will be heading down to Richmond for the Craft+Design Show which, as it turns out, will be my official last show with the acrylic work. If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece, come on by. There are deals to be had…make me an offer, lolpend