My Process



My process begins with a specific inspiration, or idea... I surround myself with images of my inspiration, then do some preliminary sketches. I keep many sketchbooks around, and may work a few trains of thought at any given time. This series that I am using as my example is based on bubbling water, and was one of the first series that I started working on when I switched my body of work to glass.



I begin my process by laminating several sheets of colored glass to a thicker block of optical glass. Once I have the color formulated as i like, I cut the glass (which I have covered with white contact paper) with a wet diamond saw. I then shape the pieces using flat lap wheels which grind the glass with a combination of carbide grit and water. Next, I engrave the surface of the glass using an engraving machine...a slow spinning lathe, that is cooled by water, and uses stone (as pictured), diamond, or copper wheels to create my designs.  Once the design is engraved, I create the setting out of sterling silver. When the bezel has been completely fabricated,  I carve back into the glass to create the places where the stones and/or metal wiil rest, and then solder all the sterling components together. I sand and file the sterling parts and bring them to a finish. Finally, I decide what parts of the glass piece should be polished, and do so. My last step is to carefully set the glass, then sign and copyright the finished piece.