Artist Statement


The planet we live on is constantly changing. Nature is fleeting, always shifting and transforming, colors and lights moving in ways that toy with the imagination. Tectonic plates shift, the Earth's crust quakes, and volcanoes erupt. Air pressure falls, storms form, water erodes a slow path through rock. I am fascinated with these powerful forces that shape our natural environment. We, as humans, change the landscape in ways both necessary but also detrimental. My work explores this interplay between man and nature. I am intrigued by our ability to both value its beauty while our actions impact its natural systems.

I utilize a mix of three natural elements: glass, precious metals & gemstones. Into each design, I incorporate the sense of nature as raw and wild yet modified and restrained. My technique involves the centuries old process of cold working the glass. Cold working does not use heat but, rather, water to keep the glass cool while manipulating it using abrasives such as sandblasting, grinding, drilling and cutting. This constructive process imitates man’s attempt to tame the natural forces. I sketch then engrave the glass with stone and diamond wheels. I polish specific parts of the surface to bring forth the desired light, shadows and reflection. I prefer the contrast of refined gems mixed with rough minerals, which I cut myself. Once I construct the sterling elements, I carve back into the glass so that all of my elements are completely integrated into my designs. I use colors that evoke natural hues. I create pieces that tell a story. I seek to capture the fleeting beauty and encourage the viewer to think about their own relationship to the natural world. This implied use of texture, movement, and life force creates a unique vision and experience of nature within each piece.